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Game Developer

Location: Remote

Employment Type: Contract

What You’ll Do

Be a part of an active creative team. As an indie developer of games, Team Quantum Games is small and agile. We value people’s wellbeing and cater to an environment that encourages team members to broaden their skill sets while trying new things.

As a Team Quantum team member you will oversee your own responsibilities that cater to your own expertise.  

Being who we are, it allows us to work remotely. Team members are located all around the world. We are a global organization with diverse back grounds. We value different cultures and ideas. We believe diversity creates a better product.


We welcome you to bring what makes you great to Team Quantum.

Who You Are

Team Quantum is interested in self-starters, individuals who know how to manage themselves and their work load. You are a person who has a creative drive and wishes to prominently display that creativity to the world.

Team Quantum team members are flexible, good at multitasking, and excellent at getting along with others. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and strive to maintain a healthy work life balance. If this is you, we look forward to hearing from you.

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